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Truth in the Middle

Take the argument to it's extremes to expose the fallacy of the logic behind it. The truth can always be found at the center between poles. Let's take racism as an example, which itself is a branch of the faulty logic of supremacy, the idea that we are here in competition for survival. In truth, our survival is dependent upon our interconnectedness. What we are able to create when we team together, is always greater than what we can accomplish alone.

On one extreme, we have the belief that white people are superior, and that all other races are to be conquered and enslaved. On the other extreme is that white people are evil and must be destroyed.

Neither of these are reasonable ideas, neither are in any way true. If we find the middle of the argument, we find the idea that all people have an equal value and deserve an equal amount of human dignity. This is the truth of the argument, the point where the logic overcomes the faults in the equation.


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