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To the Christians

I want to talk about Jesus, but I want to talk about the rebellious Jesus, the one who preached against authority and taught people how to turn against their hegemonic ideology. That's the Jesus people should get to know.

I want to talk about the Jesus the Bible tells you about, but I'd much rather talk about his appearance in the Vedas of India, and what their books say about his existence in history.

Let's talk about the lessons Jesus taught about forgiveness and happiness, about authority and control. Let's talk about your insistence that you understand the totality of the man's existence.

Rather than deify his existence, let's just take a moment to appreciate his humanity and recognize it's value for what it's worth.

Is it okay for you to ponder the concept? Is your insistence on selling me your reality built upon your fear of mine? I certainly hope not, because I'd really like to discuss these things.

What if God is Consciousness? The consciousness of a group, of all the groups, what if it's simply a word for the totality of the whole of all existence, as one conscious entity, existing in a dimensional entanglement through which it perceives itself?

Let's talk about that.


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