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The Age of Self

Welcome to the age of Self, the Ego controls this period. It's the time when everyone starts to realize that the world they exist in is completely different than the one everyone else is in. It's the illusion of supremacy we've chased that led us here, and suddenly we're aware of equity, equality, and all the suffering we've been blind to while we were enjoying our experience.

That doesn't sit well with our Ego, the way we've defined ourselves, or how we perceive our exterior image.

People can't hate us for who we are, we've assured ourselves quite vehemently that we are inherently good, and this runs afoul of that notion. So our response to this is to try to educate those people that we aren't that conceptual evil we've been described as. We must externalize every part of our identity to ensure the world knows that's not what we stand for.

Yet every time we attempt to assert this reality we are confronted with a rebellion to our goals. We are perceived as arrogant and condescending instead, which then negates any attempt towards setting that record straight.

It's duality that we're missing here, the inability to truly know anyone else's experience. Everyone we encounter is only a reflection of what we've been taught, and no amount of effort will ever allow us to understand what anyone else's experience truly is or should be.

It's our attempt to infer our experience as relevant to the experience of others that ultimately aggravates others into expressing their own, different conclusions.

This is the prerequisite for arriving at an age of enlightenment. We must first exhaust ourselves by fighting against an idea before we can accept it, so recognizing a fundamental human dignity is perhaps a lofty cause for global achievement.

Whatever the outcome, the inevitability of this conflict has already been long decided, well before anyone alive today was even born.

Consciousness demands nothing more than anything.


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