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Tantra teaches us something different about sex. the Western world, sex is considered an act of domination, violence. It's something that's not really talked about, but it saturates the social culture. Sex in Western culture is very 'me' focused, about receiving pleasure from another, it becomes political, an exchange.

In Tantra, sex is a bonding act of meditation. It's very focused of the "other", about creating pleasure, rather than receiving it.

Most Western people only know Tantra for the Kama Sutra, for the temples covered sexually posed statues. It's thought of as hedonistic, because nobody looks further.

Inside the temples there is no sexual imagery, that's left outside. Inside, it's about meditation, about reaching a deep bond with another. Tantra is about transformation and love, about discovering a deeper understanding of one another.

All Tantric technique begins with looking into the eyes and breathing in sync. It's about touching and moving in anticipation of each other until a point of singularity takes place.

If America understood Tantra, they wouldn't have the sexual dysfunction that's rooted in it's repressiveness. When you refuse to enter the temple because of what's outside, you never get to see the beauty of what's inside.


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