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Starting a Podcast

So here's what I'm looking to do. I want to sit down and record a series of conversations where I break down a concept called the Modern American Zen Experience. This is something akin to Taoism as it's applied to the life of a Mormon apostate.

This is about defining the lore of a narrative that's pieced together through a series of enlightening experiences. I want to document the awareness gained from doing things haphazardly, from making things up along the way to juxtapose culturally normative behaviors.

I want to explain the ideas behind Zendigity, the path I've followed to bring it into existence and the pushback I've received in doing so.

I want to focus on the algorithms of Taoist teachings, rather than the customs of their origin. The alchemy of Flow States achieved through meditative practices, applied as algorithmic equations that can be translated into if/than statements of simple logic. How presupposition affects perceptual experience, and how personal reality affects group perspectives through engagement. How Social Dynamic Perceptual Reframing is utilized to construct societal movements through mass deception of cultural narratives.

Then, I want to open up a dialog, start a conversation about it with the world.


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