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Social Dynamics Perceptual Reframing

This is something I've studied for more than a decade now. I'm fascinated by it, by the way it works, by people's blindnesses to it. At times it feels like having a super power, as though I'm able to see something that others aren't privy to.

The childhood game of telephone is the easiest example, start with expressing something simple and have everyone share it with the next person, and what you ultimately have at the end of something quite different than what you started with.

Insert someone into the mix that has a predetermined idea of what the initial statement was, and you're suddenly able to control what will be the final outcome of expression.

This is reframing the perspective through adjusting the dynamic of the social experience. Creating a guiding force of communication within the spectrum of social consciousness, in order to control the overall perception of the group itself.

Concepts of superiority and victimhood reply upon the manipulation and messaging of other people's stories, told to other people. Changing the nature of the language that's used to tell a story, then changes the memory of what later gets recalled.


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