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Scream Into the Void

Scream into the void, that's what it's there for. Put your heart into, let go, scream as though every part of you is being forced into it, a deep dark gutteral scream encapsulating an eternity of suffering every indignation your life has provided.

Phew, alright, did you notice that it didn't change a damn thing? Sure the cathartic release is great, it feels good to express the energy, but while you're hollering away into the void, the void doesn't change, the problems don't go away, you're just bleeding a tremendous amount of energy into that nothingness.

At some point a futility sets in, and there's nothing left to scream about because none of it really mattered as much as you thought it did. Ultimately all you're left with is that nothing, staring back at you unfazed by the experience.

What if we redirect that energy into creating something instead? And what if that's the moment of enlightenment that alters the course of your existence?

Well, then maybe that nothingness served it's purpose afterall, in that it awakened you from the slumber of your regrets.


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