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Reflections on War

It's a little surreal watching the world sink deeper into war while everyone focuses on social distractions. Nobody seems to be paying any attention to the threats being made, threats of global decimation, threats of nation ending nuclear strikes.

I remember the takeaway from a WW2 historian reflecting on the Holocaust, who noted that there had been literally years of warning before it began, but nobody really took them seriously. It was just talk, just bluster, nobody saw any significance to the calls for genocide.

I remember what he said to me at the end of that conversation, "When someone tells you they are going to KILL you, that's something you should ALWAYS take seriously, because doing otherwise will inevitably lead to your death."

I responded to him that death is always inevitable and uncertain, and that it comes at any time from any means, and often without any warning. To which he responded "Yes, but when there is a warning...Only a fool responds with inaction."

That conversation lingers in my mind.


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