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Please Note

Note one thing about me, I'm nobody's tool. I'm not here for your experience, I'm here for my own. If I'm able to help you that's great, but I'm not in any way bound to follow you into the hell you create.

Do you want to do battle? An exchange of ideas, arguing counterpoints, I'm there. A race to the bottom to destroy one another, I'd rather not.

It isn't that I couldn't sink down to such level, Lord knows I have before. I just don't want the hate, I don't hold onto it, and when I see that isn't something you're able to do, I regret that I've left such a destructive energy in my wake.

I invited the hatred, engaged it, observed it and then let it go into something creative to bleed away it's energy. Some people aren't blessed with such a power, and it isn't fair to leave somebody holding onto such a weight.

I think it's far better to remove myself from the situation, to avoid damaging something irreparably, rather than continue to engage in it any further.

I think I'm ready to focus on the things I can control for a while, rather than trying to fix anyone else's problems. I made an honest effort, it wasn't enough, on with the show.


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