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Mass Shooters

I think maybe if we didn't turn every mass shooter into an overnight celebrity every time they slaughter a bunch of people, we would probably see less of them go on killing sprees. I understand the gun control arguments, but people will still find other ways to massacre enough people to make national headlines, to draw attention to their cause, etc.

People are angry, so hateful towards each other, towards society, towards the injustice of their lives that they're willing to commit an injustice upon another as a result. It's cyclical, drawing a greater destructive force every time it plays out.

People become terrified by death as a result of being conditioned into a judgemental fixation on the afterlife. When death presents itself in a public fashion it triggers a fear of insecurity that they could possibly die.

The concern of judgement shifts the temporal focus away from now to the future and past, which creates an artificial hierarchy of valuation that justifies any measure of atrocity in scale to offense.

Some people aren't considered people, there's no baseline of human dignity afforded to all, so then it just becomes a matter of negotiating who's deserving of that dignity.

We must first establish an essential agreement that all human beings deserve a fundamental basic right to human dignity. Only then will we be capable of creating a society free of this kind of senseless killing.


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