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Jan 6th

Imagine they'd succeeded and the rioters hung Pence, stopping the Peaceful Transition of Power. How do you think that would have played out over the weeks that followed, as Trump seized power and refused to accept any legal argument that his insistence that he'd won wasn't sufficient to support his argument.

Imagine if they'd murdered the Vice President and the Speaker of the House... What do you think society would look like today? What do you think the reaction would be to the millions that certainly would have demonstrated against it, what would their fate be?

Would they be rounded up and tortured like the Russians that speak out against the war in Ukraine? Would the US become detached from the world economy and ostracized as monstrous the way they are?

Imagine if they had succeeded in destroying their enemies, in terrorizing anyone that challenged them or exposed their lies? At what point would we have stepped up to challenge it, how long would it have taken?

Just think about it, think about how our world would be different if that's how things had gone. It's disturbing how few really even think about it. How many overlook that these people failed to achieve their goal that day.


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