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Gamification of Violence

It's the gamification of violence. As the talleys grow, and many more die, we'll compare statistics of which ones are worse, while we make the killers famous, and dig deep into their minds to find out their reason. The message society has taught it's youth is that the easiest way to find an audience is to kill enough people to matter.

This is what we've become, an endless array of egoism racking up the score of whether this tragedy is any worse than the last one, and how we can politically spin it into outrage, then use it to divide us even further.

Nobody's talking about the hatred machine we've become, cycling pressures into explosive reactions that fuel greater division and dehumanization. We argue endlessly about which humans deserve empathy, which humans are unworthy of compassion, and this is the result.

We suffer an endless indignity of tragic destruction, death, and the despair that follows.

We awaken from our slumber then tumble right back into our nightmare until it awakens us again.

This cycle falls into repetition so easily, so dramatically that before it fully completes it restarts again, constantly increasing in magnitude.

It becomes a cyclotron, a self feeding system of hatred that produces an entangled field of negativity.

Society has become broken, we've lost love, lost compassion and empathy for one another, collapsing everyone into an artificial hierarchy of valuation that robs us all of our humanity dignity.

First we must reestablish the proper economy of love. We've become convinced that it's a commodity that exists in scarcity. We look around and see no love from others and fail to recognize that it comes from within us. We reserve it for special circumstance, and fantasize it into complexities and parameters beyond what it is.

We must instead see love in it's innocence, in its subtle desire for other's happiness. Stop placing so much emphasis on giving or receiving love, and place more effort into simply being love. Emulate it's energy in an unencumbered way, and extend it without limitation.

In doing this, the world changes.


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