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Flow States of the MAZE

People tend to know Zen as it's understood in Buddhist terms, but it actually has a different meaning within Taoist roots.

In Taoism, Zen is the connecting point of realization, the transitory point of things coming together. When you are 'in' Zen, you are within the flow of a transitory process of change.

The more you are within an experience, the more aware you become, the more awareness you create, the greater your ability to enjoy the experience and flow within the Zen of it.

If you focus only on one piece, if you allow the dust of your experience to cloud the lense of your observation, and try to control the process, this pulls you out of Zen, and instead creates suffering.

American culture has it's own kind of flow, It's a MAZE that takes a certain perspective to see, to flow within, and to use to achieve anything you seek.

The Modern American Zen Experience is a rediscovery of our common roots, and recognizing the current state of what's grown from those roots.

It's about recognizing the flow of what is, rather than trying to force it into what should be.


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