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Caution to the Wind

And quite foolishly I challenged my fate and spoke my truth without compromise or concern, only speaking what I know from my observations of the situation. And the reaction was nothing less than a complete upturning of reality that risks all I've achieved.

Once the dice are cast, there's no turning back, no way to quit or walk away. You're there to endure the situation until it completes and make the best out of whatever circumstances occur within the journey.

The hatred is notable, but it crystalizes the experience and forces the perspective towards a solution rather than the apathy which caused the problem. The desire to be loved is a hard one to overcome, but all suffering is born from desire, and there is no exception to that rule. Whatever hatred they cast upon you is born out of their misery, because they desire the freedom you exhibit in expressing your truth.

Carry away only what you can gain from the experience and allow it to be a guide towards moving you forward into a greater experience. That's how you win this kind of battle, by not fighting it, because it's beneath you to even participate. All things are temporary, so there's no point in getting hung up on anyone else's trip, just enjoy this one.


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