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Artificial Hierarchies in the MAZE

It's the creation of an artificial hierarchy that takes place mentally when we judge someone. We create a determination of value and assess it compared to ourselves.

This hierarchy is the faulty piece of the logical fallacy that entraps us in our suffering. By creating this judgement of another, we create a deprecation of ourselves. We dehumanize one another, and justify it through this metric. We kill one another, and defend it through this metric.

This piece of logic is faulty, in that it assumes our value as unequal to the value of others.

In truth, we are all of equal value in our humanity, and we are all deserving of a common dignity and respect.

This is the counter to the fallacy, that the hierarchy does not exist. No matter how badly it attempts to force itself upon you externally, understand that it does not really exist. It's simply an illusion.

We are all exactly equal, and nothing changes that value. Override all variables with this assumption, and it frees you of your suffering.

There are no artificial hierarchies. Only the natural hierarchy of life exists, everything else is an illusion created by ego.


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