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A Moment About Me

So, let's talk about me for a moment because I'm hard to describe. I define myself as a Modern American Zen Taoist, bringing about a change in perspective through direct confrontation of conformative norms.

I'm an artist, engaged in a form of performance art designed to question social structures, and force contemplation onto how we interact as people. This involves creating artwork through a variety of formats meant to be taken reflectively only as a whole upon my death.

I exist very much apart from the norm, in observation of it from afar, trying to rationalize the depth of it's meaning. I've chosen to take a road less traveled, to live a life free of common entrapments.

I'm a dedicated non-breeder, the last of my lineage, the grand finale of all generations leading up to my creation. This gives me a clarity of insight that allows me to resolve complicated social challenges others sometimes face.

I provide guidance through the MAZE of the Modern American Zen Experience.


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