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Understanding the MAZE

So many posts I've written, then deleted; so many comments I've stopped myself from making to total strangers online.

At first, it was just about messing with the metadata of cached memory, but then it kind of morphed into it's own form of meditation. I began writing elaborate breakdowns of comprehensive problems, then deleting them after considering every way they could be interpreted.

On the occasions where my ego overcame my consciousness, I would hit send, suddenly initiating a great of deal of awareness directly into the lives of complete strangers.

Many times, the reaction this generates is quite extreme. People do not like being exposed to the opinions of others, and that dislike is greatly compounded by the rate of universal truth they are exposed to within a given message.

Universal truths aren't really taught any more, they've been replaced by assumptions and traditions, which awkwardly shape our perceived realities.

When exposed to these simple truths, the logical faults they create within the mind are rather jarring to the psyche. I've learned this, there are some parts of the equation that simply shouldn't be messed with.

The greatest juxtaposition though, is caused by challenging the artificial hierarchy imposed upon us, which we create through the judgement of others.

This is quite literally impossible for some people to comprehend. They simply can't fathom the idea, and attempting to do so, creates only anger and resentment.

So now, I write my observations more broadly, and avoid targeting anyone directly with what they're unable to bare.

This is a part of the Modern American Zen Experience: Navigating the MAZE


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