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Understanding the Chaos

There's something people don't understand about what's happening, what's going on in the background while we're all dazed by the collapse of social order.

We're being taught obedience, and encouraged to participate in our own subjugation under the guise of concern for our health and safety. Every major system of governance has now degraded into petty bickering over who gets to profit most from our suffering.

What comes next is the great disillusionment, the part where the country tantrums it's way into full scale collapse. In this stage, we learn to let go of our bindings, for lack of any other option. In this stage we learn to survive, we discover how to thrive amongst the downfall.

Those standing around waiting for someone to tell them what to do will be the first to attack when they think it's their moment. They'll be struck down almost instantly, absolutely wiped out by the ones who have been preparing for this moment. The ones who prepared will then be emboldened by their success, and they will seek to take control.

This is already under control though, this is planned, it's all about creating and destroying resistance. Once they're gone the rest is easy, we've already been trained for our submission. Nobody will fight, nobody will challenge authority, we will simply succumb to our enslavement and go right back to work.

Those who approach this with awareness, who understand the fallacy of the narrative as written, we will find our path. Our journey leads us here to be present for this moment. We are only observers here, existing solely as the awareness we represent, making no judgements about what it is we see.

This part is difficult to bare witness to, knowing the sanctity of sentience. It's a challenge not to get involved, not to step forward and provide solution. But this is false logic, if we interact with this experience, if we attempt to control it, we lose the prescience of our perspective.

We must only observe, interacting with reality solely as existential contemplation, and nothing more.


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