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Understanding Love

We mistake many things for love, the word gets used many times incorrectly. There's something to be learned about the economy of love. It isn't a commodity that's exhausted. It doesn't run out the more you use it. Quite the opposite. The more you allow yourself to feel love, the more it gets created.

We teach possession as love, that it's meant to be confined to a select few. This is incorrect. Love should be felt for all. That is the nature of compassion, when you grow an energy of love and extend it to all sentient beings.

Love is not something you feel from others, it's something you feel for others, always keep this in mind. (Yes, you can feel the love of others, but this isn't really love, this is pleasure, it's easily mistaken.)

If you're seeking love, you're not feeling love.

An infant knows only love, knows only how to love, until it's taught otherwise. Go back to that innocence of youth and let go out what you've been taught to believe.

Be love, feel it for others without precondition, simply emulate it's energy and allow yourself to love without expectation. Without fear and insecurity guiding you, love takes on another form, it's truest form.


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