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Trajectory of Fate

The trajectory of fate is where most people encounter the greatest challenge. The leaps of evolution it takes to get from point A to point B are wildly out of step with current reality. But instead of accepting the fate that's ahead, we focus attention on creating a fantasy of what's possible.

This is what it means to be in pursuit of happiness. We acknowledge our misery in such a pursuit. If happiness is something we are pursuing, it's something we are without, something missing.

Happiness is an absence of suffering. Love is the want for another to be free of suffering, it's very simple.

Instead of this, we've learned that love is a want from another, not for. This creates just enough distortion to cloud how it's perceived, transforming it into a commodity, rather than allowing it to grow into compassion, which is love extended infinitely.

The only way to escape the maze is to learn where it's led you astray. That's the first step, the first piece that must be resolved before any other pieces can be moved into place.

It's not about you.


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