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Not an Artist

Somebody told me that the things I create with AI aren't really art because the algorithm is creating it, I disagree.

It takes a certain skill to dial in the algorithm's settings, and how you phrase your prompts can vastly change your results. It takes several hours for it all to run, and you don't really know how it'll turn out until the end. The animation settings are all mathematically deduced, so all the movements need to be thought out in advance.

Ultimately the computer becomes the tool, the algorithm becomes the brush stroke that creates the imagery, but what gets created is ultimately a representation of what I set out to produce. There are a lot of failures that lead to success, and the time and effort required is substantial.

The final video is usually multiple runs connected together with music that I created in GarageBand which I felt connected to the overall narrative of the video.

When I did photography people told me I wasn't really an artist. When I up-cycled tables by layering acrylic resin, people told me that wasn't art as well. I never listened to those people then, and I'm sure as hell not going to listen to them now.


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