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If you fixate on the negative things, you'll find many. The world quickly turns into a terrible place filled with misery, destruction, and heinous crime. It's a scary frightening place of violence and suffering, that only seems to get worse the longer you look at it.

If you fixate on the positive things though, the world transforms into something different, something beautiful and amazing, a miraculous adventure of serendipitous events that brings about a wondrous experience.

The hardest part is recognizing the connection between the two, the place where you're able to see how the misery connects to elation, in a complimentary system of opposing polarity. Light cannot exist without a dependency on the darkness to define its meaning.

Our experience is ultimately defined by how we perceive it, how we interact with it and observe its reaction to our input. I encourage you to seek out the beautiful, to find it hidden within the ugliness so prevalent in our purview.

You will discover that it's always hidden there, just waiting for you to find it.


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