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First Act of Rebellion

In 6th grade study hall, I would sit and stair at my pencil, focused intently on it. One day the teacher asked me what I was doing, and I responded that I was trying to move the pencil telepathically. She stopped for a moment, then asked me where I'd learned about telepathy.

I told her I'd read about it in a book and that I wanted to teach myself how to do it.

She smiled and told me to continue, but after a week of trying, she wouldn't allow me to try anymore. She thought there were better things I should be spending my time doing, but I remember thinking it was incredibly unfair, because I wasn't bothering anyone.

After that, I would spend study hall with a book in front of me, while I stared intently at the pencil trying to make it move. It never did, and eventually I abandoned the idea that it would, but it still lingers in my mind as one of my first real acts of rebellion.


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