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Duality of Consciousness

It's the duality of consciousness that people get hung up on. We are aware of our consciousness, the observational potentiality deep within us experiencing this world through our experience.

We can see it in others, we can spot that same awareness in us, also existing inside others. We can observe their interaction with their experiences, and communicate with them lessons we've learned from our own.

We can even observe it in animals, an awareness existing there taking in information and responding to it. Even at the point of cellular, bacterial life, it exists there, a null state of waiting, watching existence happen.

The duality comes with the consciousness of a group, an agreement of shared experience that formulates parameters of our mutual understanding of reality.

These are the learned things we've inherited from those around us that shape our individual perceptions of our experience. This starts when we are infants, when we are taught symbols and words to describe the world.

The trouble comes from groups with fundamental differences in the words they use to communicate their perspective.

As a society, we've learned to flourish in capability, by focusing diligently on the words we choose to represent our experience. As we've encountered other societies, that use these words differently, we've destroyed one another to enforce our meaning.

It's this conflict that generates all of the negative interactions which brings about our destruction.


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