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Difficult Communication

I'm an autodidactic learner. That means I delve into any subject that interests me, and I absorb a great deal of information very quickly whenever I do.

This was very difficult for me to explain growing up, and I was often mistaken as learning disabled by school staff that demanded I follow their instruction.

I sometimes appear arrogant when I stumble on a subject I know well, which tends to aggravate those who have been taught that their educational pedigree makes them the most knowledgeable.

It's isolating to think differently. It becomes exhausting to defend my expertise on what I claim to know, which often renders me silent rather than engaged in debate.

I've learned how to harness this power and profit from my capabilities. In the end, it's quite a blessing to be free from the social illness of modern existence.

I'm choosing to engage the minds of those that are able to break free from the programming, those that seek help navigating the flow of being different.

This is the Modern America Zen Experience, let me guide you through the MAZE.


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