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Contemplating Mortality

So here we come around to November 3rd again, and it's time to focus upon my mortality with a reflection on the last year I've lived. This year I've made the absolute best of what I've been given.

I helped my love start a business and watched her flourish in her first entrepreneurial endeavors. We've spent a good deal of quality time together and made some truly beautiful things out of our experiences.

I made new friends, lost a few old ones, and found a couple that I thought were lost a long time ago.

I've spoken up in every opportunity that's been afforded me, and stood firm in my resolve to express my truth as It appears to me.

I rediscovered music and participated in drum circles, and for the first time in 45 years, I found myself in harmony, and discovered the essence of my flow through tough experience.

I faced my greatest fears and conquered the quiet nagging voice of doubt that's forever plagued my efforts of the past.

I've set up my experience in preparation for my absence, and wandered perilously close to peer over the edge of it all. Whatever comes my way, there is nothing but a celebration of the adventure of it.

So as I stare down this 21st year of deep awareness of the impermanence of this life, I do so with a welcome ease at the notion of it all. When every day is brought with the awakening of survival, no longer is it necessary to keep up the anniversary of that enlightenment. Yet here we are, once again looking death squarely in the eye with a cocky grin and an arrogant swagger.

Be that what it may, but I've definitely loved this life while I've lived it. There are so many that just never get to say that.


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