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Before You Go

Before going, make a distinct effort to do these things:

Reach out to someone from the past that you've let go of to see how they are. Just say hello, make some casual conversation and then part ways once again.

(Rarely do I get so close to anyone that they become an attachment. The entanglements that become knots in the fabric of existence tend to pull all the others out of their patterns. )

Help somebody flourish. At least once, make an honest effort towards helping someone else achieve their dreams. Don't allow your Ego to take control and make it about you.

Ask for help from a stranger. Humble yourself and acknowledge your limitations, ask for help accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks. Don't expect any assistance.

Tell someone you barely know what you admire about them. Yes, this is awkward, absolutely uncomfortable, but oh so absolutely worthwhile. Notice the effect this has on your confidence as well as others.

Make something artistic that makes you smile. Audio, Visual, Taste, Touch, and Smell, try to create something beautiful to all your senses.

Argue over politics. Challenge anything that seems counterintuitive and inhumane. Don't get too carried away, just observe the interactions.

Document things as best as you can, but don't allow it to keep you from experiencing life. A life spent waiting for opportunity to emerge fails to be lived.

Opportunities are created from taking the journey without any destination, don't expect them to come to you, go out and find them.

Let go of any anger you've held onto, it's time to put away these things and move forward. Drop any grudge and release yourself from the sickness of holding onto it.

Release your attachment to the idea of what defines you. Look around at all you have, and know that none of it really matters to maintaining your existence.

Make life better for another, if only for a moment.


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